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Isuzu MU-X 4x4 2021

The Isuzu mu-X 4x4 which was launched in 2021 is quite interesting. Can the Isuzu mu-X 4x4 compete with the Fortuner-Pajero Sport in the 4x4 segment?

The presence of the Isuzu mu-X 4x4 will certainly enliven the 4x4 large SUV segment. As is known, this segment is currently inhabited by Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner. On the other hand, the Isuzu mu-X 4x4 is presented to pamper consumers in the plantation, mining, and gas sectors.

Isuzu MU-X 4x4 2021
Isuzu MU-X 4x4 2021

So what does the Isuzu mu-X 4x4 have to offer in order to pamper its consumers in the mining sector? Check out the following Isuzu mu-X 4x4 review.

Isuzu MU-X 2021 Exterior

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Review: Front and Side Exterior

The latest Isuzu mu-X 4x4 looks more modern than the old model. If you pay attention, the shape of the latest headlamp is more narrow so that it looks fierce. Naturally, this latest mu-X 4x4 carries an emotional and bold theme so that the outer appearance is more sporty and powerful.

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Front and Side Exterior
Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Front and Side Exterior

All elements and design lines also appear bold with a new front grille blend that represents the 6 typical Isuzu continents, new head lamp and rear combination lamp, and 17-inch alloy wheels. On the side there is also a stern on the side of the body to add a sturdy impression.

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Review: Rear Exterior

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Rear Exterior
Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Rear Exterior

A stocky impression is also seen at the rear thanks to the embedding of narrowed taillights as well as headlamps. Sleek taillights and lower license plate mounts are combined with a sportier bumper.

Interior Isuzu MU-X 2021

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Review: Dashboard Layout

In the interior, Isuzu presents an elegant appearance with a more dynamic dashboard design and there is a new air conditioning control display. New style shift lever made more modern and wrapped in leather. The MID display with a larger instrument cluster than before also displays sharper graphics.

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Dashboard Layout
Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Dashboard Layout

In terms of practicality, the mu-X has 2 cupholders on the center console and a 12V power outlet as well as a number of ports for passengers in the front row. While the passengers in the second row are equipped with 2 USB ports and an AC system at the rear.

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Review: Cabin

The legroom and headroom are also quite spacious with a more sporty steering wheel and a smaller diameter and tilt & telescopic settings making the driver more comfortable when driving. And when traveling long distances, you will still feel relaxed because the 5 link coil spring feature makes the pace of the All New Isuzu mu-X 4x4 feel softer.

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Cabin
Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Cabin

This car also has an interior that supports you to put your site equipment easily in the luggage box of the rear luggage compartment. Such as tool kits, gloves, vests, or 1.5 water bottles that you can place in the placeholders of each door.

Features of Isuzu MU-X 2021

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Review: Safety Features

In addition to providing comfort, the mu-X 4x4 is also equipped with a variety of the latest advanced features ranging from ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System), EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution), BA (Break Assist), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Start Assist (HSA) & Hill Decent Control (HDC), to a larger disc brake.

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Safety Features
Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Safety Features

There is also an emergency stop lamp and follow me home. In addition, Isuzu also redesigned the chassis and front and rear suspension to be more stable and not wobbly when turning. Unfortunately, for the price of Rp. 500 million, the airbags embedded in the mu-X 4x4 are actually only 2. What is clear is that this feature has been adapted to the target consumer of the mu-X 4x4.

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Review: Entertainment System

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Entertainment System
Isuzu mu-X 4x4 2021 Entertainment System

The infotainment system also gets an upgrade, which includes a 7-inch head unit with reverse camera, parking sensor, electric parking brake, and auto hold.

Operation Isuzu MU-X 2021

The Isuzu mu-X 4x4 carries a RZ4E common rail diesel engine with 1.9 L which is capable of producing more power, namely 150 PS with 35.7 kgm of torque. Its performance becomes more efficient and tough when combined with a new 6-speed automatic transmission.

Isuzu MU-X 2021 Engine
Isuzu MU-X 2021 Engine

This machine is also equipped with a new turbo design technology and the settings are electrically regulated or electric control VGS common rail turbo charger. Interestingly, this machine is equipped with a tank capacity of up to 80 liters and is believed to be an advantage for business people. Unfortunately, Isuzu does not provide another variant for the mu-X 4x4. For consumers, the lack of variants of course will also affect the choice.

Isuzu MU-X 2021 Specifications

Isuzu mu-X 4x4 Engine
Machine SeriesRZ4E-TC
Machine Capacity1,898 cc
Maximum Power150 PS @ 3,600 rpm
Maximum Torque35,7 kgm @ 1.800-2.600 rpm
TransmissionA/T 6 Speed Triptonic
Drive System4 Wheel Drive (4x4)
Dimensions of Isuzu mu-X 4x4
Length x width x height4.850 x 1.870 x 1.815 mm
Wheelbase2.855 mm
Ground Clearance230 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity80 liters
Legs Isuzu mu-X 4x4
Front & Rear Suspension
 Independent Coil Spring Suspension with Gas Shock Absorber
 5-Link Coil Spring with Rear Stabilizer Bar and Gas Shock Absober
Front & Rear Brakes
 Disc Brakes 17"
 Disc Brakes 17"
Steering System4WD - Shift On The Fly
Rims17 inches
Tire255/65 R17, Alloy

Isuzu MU-X 2021 Conclusion

The Isuzu mu-X 4x4 is certainly an alternative choice for those of you who are eyeing a large SUV capable of being used in rough terrain. Understandably, Isuzu did prepare this car as a load horse without losing his macho yet handsome figure. Moreover, it has been crammed with a variety of interesting features that make it worth having.

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